Route Analysis – Hockenheimring

0 starts a new section: Route Analysis. We gradually put out video guides for the individual Formula 1 courses. These are for the F1 2019 game F1 2019. In these clips, we show you where you can win decisive tenths of a second on each track. We start the series with the Hockenheimring. First, you see a round of the German GP in slow motion. The round is then played in real-time.

Setup – Auto Settings : Front
wing: 3 Rear
wing: 7

Differential with accelerator: 50%
Differential without accelerator: 63%

Front camber: -2.70
Rear camber: -1.20
Front lane: 0.07
Rear lane: 0.32

Front suspension: 1
Rear suspension: 3
Front anti -Roll bar: 5
rear anti-roll bar: 11
front vehicle height : 1
rear vehicle height : 3

brake pressure: 85%
brake force distribution: 55%

front tire pressure: 23.4
rear tire pressure: 21.1


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