Since the French Grand Prix Ferrari has been improving the car. It’s paying off dividends with more downforce in corners, but with a lower top speed on straights.

Nevertheless, rapid tire degradation remains a big Ferrari weakness. In qualifying, Leclerc and / or Vettel are on top of things, not so much during a race.

But not only the SF90H is under construction. Ferrari’s core team has seen some dramatic changes since Binotto took over. He has never given up his role as chief technical officer, but he has now split his tasks.

According to Italian media, three specialists work for the Italian now: Enrico Cardile (suspension), David Sanchez (aerodynamics) and Corrado Iotti (engine).

An official confirmation is pending, but Binotto himself announced:

“Since I was appointed team leader, we have internally reorganized something, because I have to be supported specifically on the technical side. It’s not the same team anymore and it’s not entirely true that I have a dual role. “

Binotto teilt Technikposten auf
Credit: Ferrari

Recently, however, the return of ex-chief designer Simone Resta from Alfa to Ferrari was announced. He will head a working group in Maranello which already has started on working on a concept for the 2021 car.

According to rumors, that’s not all. In Italy, there’s speculation that Hockenheim could have another Ferrari announcement in the pipeline. Aldo Costa, who was chief engineer at Mercedes and who retired last year but still remained in a consulting function could join the Italian team in Maranello.

Binotto on his team:

“I always look forward, not backward. My guiding principle: Talking to each other, approaching each other. Exchange information. Mistakes are allowed, have fun at work. Stability, trust, passion – these are all key factors. That’s what we want to express under the hashtag #EssereFerrari.

But that doesn’t mean we accept not to win. As a header for all these individual points, one could say: The team stands above all else. But the team is evolving and going through changes. That requires patience.”

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