Cesare Fiorio criticizes Ferrari, Vettel and even Mick Schumacher


Former Ferrari team boss Cesar Fiorio criticizes Ferrari and the whole circumstances surrounding Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher.

Cesare Fiorio criticizes Ferrari

He was always wearing a summer tan – all year round! Always wearing his trademark sunglasses and always handsome! Compared to him Flavio Briatore seemed to look like an amateur. Of course, we are talking of Cesar Fiorio (79), the former racing director at Lancia, Ligier, Minardi, and Ferrari!

The Italian led Ferrari’s F1 department from 1989 to 1991. Among others, he was the former boss of Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost when they were both teammates at Ferrari. Now, on Italian website tuttomotoriweb.com, he has own opinions to proclaim about Ferrari’s season start. Especially the hype surrounding Mick Schumacher’s F1 debut in a Ferrari is not something he is very amused about.

Der Sonnenkönig nordet Ferrari ein

Cesare Fiorio (79), ehemaligen Rennleiter von Lancia, Ligier, Minardi und Ferrari.Fiorio:

“They’re making a big fuss about him, but for the moment he’s not competitive for me.” The Italian also explains why: “In Formula 2, he drives an extremely competitive car, but he only finished eighth and sixth in Bahrain, finishing second in the Ferrari tests, but driving soft compounds compared to Verstappen’s, who was faster.”

Current Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto (49) also receives his portion of criticism from the Italian diva: “It was a mistake to make Sebastian Vettel number one before the season. Sure, Binotto is an extremely good engineer, but he did not expect Charles Leclerc to be that fast right from the start. It could become a problem for Binotto. If I were him, I would let them go free as I did way back with Mansell and Prost, who never had a problem with it.”

The Italian Sun King says of Sebastian Vettel: “He makes too many mistakes when under pressure. That’s why Ferrari should lower its expectations and therefore the pressure, but that’s not easy in the close fight with Mercedes. Over the long-term Leclerc is certainly the driver that should be supported.”

F1 Experts Praise Mick Schumacher

Unlike Mr. Fiorio, other Formula 1 insiders think differently of Mick Schumacher. After his Formula 2 debut and his first Formula 1 test drives in Bahrain, Mick Schumacher is praised by many experts: “How disciplined he was in dealing with the sensitive tires, that was extraordinary for such a young driver” comments F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn to ABMS and F1 Insider. “I know this focus and discipline, as well as this Schumi gaze on the grid, from his father. Mick is on the right track.”

„Mick bringt sich total ein“
Credit: Ferrari

Mattia Binotto as well praises the son of former world champion Michael Schumacher: “It’s really fun to work with him. He is extremely motivated to learn and he actively participates in each step.”

Ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, however, warns: “People will always compare him to Michael. My advice to him: He has to ignore those would-be experts. 50 percent will hope he wins; the other half wants him to lose. Because that too would be a good story. He shouldn’t get involved in the media hype and do his thing.”


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