Noise Surrounding Leclerc’s Latest Statement

Charles Leclerc Chinese Grand Prix 2019

In a recent interview, Charles Leclerc criticized Ferrari’s team order in favor of Sebastian Vettel. He sees it as his job “to be in the lead.”

Ferrari unity – is there trouble ahead? At least, Charles Leclerc scoffed at Sebastian Vettel’s #1 role.
In his hometown of Monaco, the 21-year-old Monegasque told his local newspaper:
“I accept a team order to a certain point, but my job is to be in the lead, and then the question of team orders shouldn’t even arise.”

To recall, Leclerc had to let Vettel pass at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. While the German finished third, Leclerc finished fifth behind Max Verstappen. Already during the race, you could hear his protest against the order on team radio.

Wirbel um Leclerc-Aussage

Charles Leclerc behind Sebastian Vettel. Credit: Ferrari

“I have to understand the whole picture and talk to the engineers to understand the decision. I’m sure that there is an explanation for that,” told Leclerc to the press after the race in China.

Obviously, he hasn’t completely understood the decision… Vettel was clearly faster than Leclerc, despite Leclerc’s power advantage at that time during the race.

In the race that followed, Leclerc crashed his car into a wall during qualifying of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Hence, destroying all possibilities to win. One thing is certain: Right now the young Ferrari driver ranks fifth place five points behind team-mate Vettel.

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