The teammate is the most important performance benchmark in Formula 1. ABMS and F1 Insider look back on the team-internal data for 2019 so far.

You always want to beat your own teammate and that decisively! Over the years there were countless legendary team fights in Formula 1: Senna against Prost, Vettel against Webber and Rosberg against Hamilton.

2019 is not any different, as we have some exciting driver pairings battling it out this season. From Hülkenberg vs. Ricciardo, Verstappen vs. Gasly, to Sainz Vs. Norris. Of course, there is the epic battle between Hamilton and Bottas and this year’s Vettel vs. Leclerc. takes a look at the qualifying and racing records for the individual teams and shows who’s ahead of the internal competition…

Heading Into Summer Break

Right now, Sebastian Vettel doesn’t have a chance against Charles Leclerc – at least in qualifying. His lead against Leclerc is melting.

The statistics don’t exactly speak for Sebastian Vettel. In the final five qualifying sessions of the season, he was slower than his teammate – Charles Leclerc. Sure, in Hockenheim he had technical issues already in the first qualifying session. Leclerc’s defect came a bit later.

Nevertheless, the trend is clear. The Monegasque has gained the upper hand in qualifying and after yesterday’s qualifying session Leclerc is now even with Vettel – 6: 6. When it comes to racing Vettel still leads 7: 4.

Here are the other team standings:


Qualifying: Lewis Hamilton 6:6 Valtteri Bottas
Race: Lewis Hamilton 8:3 Valtteri Bottas

Qualifying: Sebastian Vettel 6:6 Charles Leclerc
Race: Sebastian Vettel 7:4 Charles Leclerc

Red Bull
Qualifying: Max Verstappen 11:1 Pierre Gasly
Race: Max Verstappen 10:1 Pierre Gasly

Toro Ross
Qualifying: Daniil Kvyat 6:6 Alex Albon
Race: Daniil Kvyat 7:4 Alex Albon

Qualifying: Nico Hülkenberg 4:8 Daniel Ricciardo
Race: Nico Hülkenberg 3:6 Daniel Ricciardo
**In Bahrain both dropped out at the same time, as well as in Hockenheim.

Alfa Romeo
Qualifying: Kimi Räikkönen 8:4 Antonio Giovinazzi
Race: Kimi Räikkönen 11:0 Antonio Giovinazzi

Qualifying: Kevin Magnussen 6:5 Romain Grosjean*
Race: Kevin Magnussen 5:5 Romain Grosjean*
*In China, both drivers didn’t set a time in Q3
** In Silverstone, both drivers dropped out due to a team-internal crash.

Qualifying: Carlos Sainz 4:8 Lando Norris
Race: Carlos Sainz 8:3 Lando Norris

Racing Point
Qualifying: Sergio Perez 12:0 Lance Stroll
Race: Sergio Perez 7:4 Lance Stroll

Qualifying: George Russell 12:0 Robert Kubica
Race: George Russell 9:2 Robert Kubica

This post will be updated throughout the season.
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