Red Bull and Co. keep on working: Corona-disadvantage for Ferrari?

Ferrari Fabrik Maranello
Ferrari Fabrik Maranello

The corona crisis could become a competitive advantage for some teams … learned: Red Bull, Mercedes and Co. continue to work at full speed in the factory in Milton Keynes – in contrast to Ferrari, which closed their factories for at least 14 days due to the Corona crisis.

The Ferrari factory is located in the middle of Italy’s restricted area, where the state has imposed a 14-day quarantine. At least until March 27th, the Scuderia can only work on its car from the home office. In England, only those employees who have returned from Australia, work at home.

Red Bull chief consultant Helmut Marko to “We can currently continue to work in England. I assume that all teams based in England will continue to go full throttle except for McLaren. In any case, we are working at full speed. ”

At F1-Insider’s request, Mercedes also confirmed that the factory remains open. So far, Mercedes AMG F1 has not had any corona cases.

A Mercedes speaker: “Our factories remain open at this time, in line with UK government advice. We have had no cases so far in either facility. Team members returning from Australia will be isolating for 14 days to minimise any risk of infection.”

At Daimler in Stuttgart, on the other hand, all employees who were not on the assembly line were asked to go to the home office. Until further notice, meetings will only take place via video conference.


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