News rules postponed to 2022?

Formel 1 2021 Studie
Formel 1 2021 Studie

The Formula 1 teams are discussing a postponement of the new rules to 2022

The Formula 1 teams would like the Corona pandemic to postpone the rule revolution planned for 2021.

According to information from, nine of the ten racing teams have campaigned for a postponement of the planned technical changes into the 2022 season. Only Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari team asked for time to think. However, this is probably only about communication channels and agreements with the group management.

As learned, there will be a conference call of all teams, Liberty and FIA today (thursday) to discuss the plans. Cars were supposed to change a lot for the coming year. The aim: ensure more equal opportunities, more overtaking maneuvers and more exciting races.

But: The development of the new cars would have to be vigorously pushed forward for all teams this year. Because of the enormous effects of the corona crisis, many racing teams hardly see themselves in a position to do so. The teams therefore want to keep the current set of rules for another year.

The planned budget limit of 175 million US dollars (157 million euros), on the other hand, should come into effect next year. This would also ensure that the top teams Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are not already pumping money into the construction of their cars this year without a cost limit and thus have a great advantage again.


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