Ferrarigate: Why Todt is blaming Ferrari now


FIA President Jean Todt had previously been silent about Ferrarigate in public. Now the FIA ​​president finally speaks up – and reveals an interesting detail about the Formula 1 fraud affair around the Scuderia.

Todt told “If you ask me, I would like to be able to explain all the details of the situation, but they (Ferrari) were against it. They have been sanctioned, but we cannot say how the details of this punishment look like. “

Background: On the last day of testing in Barcelona, ​​the FIA issued a message that the investigation of the Ferrari engine from the 2019 season had been completed and an agreement had been reached. The details, however, should remain secret. Already in 2019, the opponents suspected that Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari team would inject more fuel than allowed.

The problem: The FIA ​​was unable to provide clear evidence of the fact. Todt admits: “Unfortunately, it is a fact from a technical point of view, because our technicians say: ‘We cannot prove with certainty as much as we should that they were not legally on the road.'”

This is also why the secret deal, which is permitted under the FIA ​​Statutes and grants Ferrari impunity under a leniency program. That really got the opponents on the palm. Result: The seven non-Ferrari teams wrote a letter of complaint before the start of the season in Australia. Their fear: The FIA ​​and Ferrari want to sweep something under the PS carpet.

However: Mercedes has now left the phalanx of the “Magnificent Seven” ( reported exclusively).

Todt: “I spoke to some of the seven teams individually. One of the teams decided that they were completely outside, even though they were one of the leaders.” Todt also believes that Mercedes would continue to “welcome it if Ferrari allowed the case to be disclosed.”

The Frenchman also puts Ferrari under verbal pressure by adding: “I would also like that. But we cannot do it.”

But why does Todt suddenly point his finger at Ferrari? The fact is: He himself is criticized for the whole process around Ferrarigate, therefore defends himself against doubts about his integrity – and distances himself from Ferrari now.

Incidentally, the Scuderia itself remains silent on the allegations. The six remaining teams will not be satisfied with that. Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko confirmed that already to


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