Mercedes. Credit: Mercedes AMG F1

The “Ferrarigate” scandal is not the only case FIA has to deal with right now. learned: Two teams are planning a protest for the Australian GP, ​​which takes place this coming Sunday.

Red Bull believes that the Mercedes DAS system doesn’t comply with current Formula 1 regulations. The innovative steering system developed by Mercedes caused quite a steer at the Barcelona tests. Red Bull’s reasoning is based on the fact that the innovative steering system only comply with the new 2021 regulations.

Red Bull chief consultant Helmut Marko to “For us, the system doesn’t comply with the current rules and regulations. So we will protest if Mercedes uses the system in Melbourne. ”

According to our information, Renault is preparing the second protest against Racing Point. Renault argues that Racing Point copied much more from the Mercedes car of 2019 than current FIA rules allow. They particularly refer to Racing Point’s aerodynamics parts According to these regulations, certain parts may be bought and used by other teams. However, copying aerodynamic parts 1: 1 is a clear violation. 

Thats why the racing point of the year 2020s smugly given the nickname “Mercedes annual car” in the Formula 1 paddock. 

There is certainly no time to take a breather for the FIA right now.


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