Vettel Helm Ferrari
Vettel Helm Ferrari. Credit: Ferrari

At Red Bull, it was THE hallmark of Sebastian Vettel: a constantly changing helmet design. After each victory, his helmet got a new home in a glass vitrine a new one had to be made. The man in charge of designer Jens Munser

Before the 2015 season – just in time for Vettel’s change to Ferrari – the FIA ​​put a stop on the ever-changing helmet designs by drivers.: in order to ensure driver’s, all F1 pilots should complete the races with the same basic pattern. There were only a few exceptions to this rule: Home race or special anniversaries.

Since then Vettel’s helmet has been pure white – with a black, red and gold flag in a longitudinal direction, his number 5 and the Ferrari horse.

We visited Vettel’s helmet designer Jens Munser

However, the German continued to play on the design nuances: At the 2019 Italian GP, ​​lettering recalled Ferrari’s 90-year history. At the Monaco GP 2019, Vettel drove with a completely red helmet – in honor of Niki Lauda.

Before the 2020 season, the helmet rules, again, have changed. This season, Vettel and all the other drivers can play with the helmet design again.

Vettel helmet designs 2019

However, Munser hasn’t received any new orders, yet: “Sebastian was already on his way to Melbourne when the rule change was published. The first helmets for the season are already finished anyway”, he reveals in an interview with

Munser does not expect a short-term change in the style for Vettel’s helmets. One reason: “Ferrari’s red color doesn’t suit as many colors as Red Bull’s blue color.” The German continued: “It’s like clothing. You can wear more tops with jeans than with red pants. The times when we played with many colors are over. ” 

Vettel helmet designs 2019

However, Munser has many more F1 clients. In addition to Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, and Lando Norris are his clients. He also paints Max Verstappen’s helmets. For example, on of Verstappen’s helmets was once completely dipped in orange at Verstappen’s “home race”. 

One thing is certain: designers like Jens Munser are now getting more options again. 
Munser: “It remains to be seen whether the drivers will now push the new rule to the limit. At least, they have their freedom back again to determine their helmet design themselves and without restrictions from outside. The helmet belongs to the driver and it’s pretty much the only thing that he can show to the outside world during a race weekend. ”

Vettel helmet designs 2019


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