Gasly Fights Nonsense Rumors

Red Bull Gasly

Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly counters speculation about his replacement at the end of the season.

Most drivers try to ignore rumors or push them aside with a silly smile. Not Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly (22). The French Red Bull driver went on the offensive during the week-end at Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

And Gasly knew exactly where to point his fingers. An Italian journalist for the F1 website reported that Red Bull wanted to replace the French driver with Nico Hulkenberg. According to the portal, there had already been talks reasoning that Gasly was just too far behind his team-mate Max Verstappen to keep up.

Gasly wehrt sich gegen Gerüchte
Credit: Red Bull

Gasly: “People like these cannot have any good values when writing such articles that are completely fictitious.”

Hülkenberg also denied. He described the story as “Fake News.”

Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko (75) already commented on the speculation two days ago:

“These rumors are so out of this world, that I or we don’t even want to comment on them anymore. Complete nonsense! That’s what I told Gasly as well.” Gasly confirms:

“Red Bull and Helmut Marko are fully behind me. Marko knows everything that’s happening within the team. I also realize that at the moment I am still far away from what I can do. But I am improving from race to race. “

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