Haas Energy to Challenge Red Bull

Haas-Ferrari. Credit: Haas

Haas-Ferrari was the first team to present the new car that also came with a challenge for a rival team: Haas new sponsor Rich Energy wants to beat its competitor Red Bull!

Both companies are energy drink producers. Rich Energy boss William Storey self-confidently announced at the release of the new black car design in London: “We want to challenge Red Bull on and off the tracks!”

At the same time, the new Haas VF-19 has some new features to present. The wider front and higher rear wings already comply with the new rules. Also recognizable the S-slot at the front of the nose, an innovative rear suspension, rearview mirrors attached to the winglets, and two wastegate tubes that now end above the exhaust.

Team boss G√ľnther Steiner remains cautious: “It’s always difficult to say what you expect before a season. But you always want to be better than the year before or at least be on the same level. “

Already in its third year of existence, the Haas team achieved a sensational fifth place in the constructors’ championship. As the years before the team will take advantage of all Ferrari parts that are allowed according to the new rules of 2019.

The team owned by US millionaire Gene Haas is with around 250 employees the smallest team on the grid. According to Kevin Magnussen: “That forces us to be very focused.

“And it’s easier to keep track of the goal if there are only a few departments.”


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