Leclerc Ferrari Formel 1 Melbourne. Credit:
Leclerc Ferrari Formel 1 Melbourne. Credit:

FIA and Formula 1 are in crisis mode. Coronavirus risks in Melbourne‘s paddock and FIA Ferrarigate behind the scenes.

Charles Leclerc, one of the Ferrari drivers who should have known Ferrari cheating according to the other teams’ accusations is commenting on #FearrariGate.

Leclerc: “People should trust the FIA. In my opinion, it is completely understandable that ‘they’ don’t have to explain anything.”

And further: “We have invested a lot of time, money and brainpower in all these parts. It must be clear to people that the FIA cannot simply disclose all of our work. I have confidence in Ferrari. I trust the FIA. So it’s done for me. ”

The sensitive part of this statement: FIA President Jean Todt is also under fire because his son Nicolas manages the very same – Charles Leclerc – who can’t be considered impartial in the whole affair, especially when it comes to potential legal consequences.

Todt himself feels wrongly accused. In his response to the teams, he writes:

‘Building on a totally inaccurate and biased fact pattern, not only do you challenge the decision of the FIA, you openly question the integrity of the Federation and its representatives, suggesting a fraudulent collusion between the FIA and Scuderia Ferrari. 

‘Your attitude goes well beyond a legitimate request for further clarification, which would have been welcomed by the FIA. It is a source of damage to the FIA F1 World Championship by itself.

‘The FIA strongly rejects and denies your allegations. Teams thoughtlessly brought extremely serious charges against the FIA and key officials, notably the president, which are injurious and defamatory.’

Sebastian Vettel was also interviewed in Melbourne on Thursday. His comment on #Ferrarigate: “It’s easy for me. Of course, I trust my team that they do the right things in accordance with the regulations at all times. And we drivers all trust the FIA ​​to do its job properly for all teams on the grid. ”


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