Leclerc wants to keep Vettel as teammate

Charles Leclerc Ferrari videoconference
Charles Leclerc Ferrari videoconference

Formula-1-star Charles Leclerc has already signed his new contract, but would like to continue driving next to Vettel

After Sebastian Vettel last week, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc (22) is now reporting from his apartment in Monaco via video conference.

With sleepy eyes he confessed yesterday morning at 8.25 a.m .: “What I miss the most is racing. And I miss seeing people and spending time with them. Because slowly the ceiling falls on my head in my apartment. I’m trying to learn to cook, but I’m still not very good at it.”

At least not as good as in the simulator. Leclerc has already won two virtual F1 races and is now also a star on the Twitch video platform. “I never thought I would ever stream anything on Twitch,” he says. “But I really enjoyed it with Sim Racing – completely unexpected. We can show ourselves there as we really are. Without all the pressure we have on the race weekend. ”

Leclerc practices five hours a day in his simulator. His teammate has been missing in the races so far. Vettel has just bought an F1 computer and still has to train. Leclerc: “I’m not driving against Seb yet, but it will be fun as soon as he has installed everything and gets started.”

The four-time world champion from Germany is currently negotiating with Ferrari in the real world for an extension of his contract, which expires at the end of 2020. When it comes to Leclerc, Vettel should stay. “I’m very happy with Seb as a teammate,” says the Monegasque with the angelic face and admits: “Even though we had a few problems on the track like in Brazil, the cooperation was good. We had a good relationship – even if it didn’t always look that way from the outside. So I would be happy if he stays, but I will also respect all other Ferrari decisions. In the end, it’s up to me to beat the teammate.”

Unlike Vettel, Leclerc would welcome ghost races without spectators: “It is definitely different if you drive without a spectator,” he explains. “You have always seen, felt and perceived them. But it is better than nothing. So think is a great way to start the season like this. We help keep people at home and, above all, we can get back in the car – which we all miss the most. ”


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