Ralf Schumacher: “Lewis can break Michael’s record!”


Michael Schumacher’s brother Ralf believes that Lewis Hamilton will soon be the most successful driver of all times – hence replacing his brother as the undisputed F1 record holder.

Six world titles Lewis Hamilton now calls his own. Just one more title is missing to draw equal with Michael Schumacher an achievement that many people thought unassailable.

Even Michael Schumacher’s brother Ralf believes that his brother’s record is about to fall: “Both have achieved something gigantic,” in an interview with Auto Bild Motorsport. “…I think Lewis can crack Michael’s records. One can only say – he deserves it…”

About to break more records: Credit: F1-Insider

In Austin, Hamilton secured his sixth world title. But what makes Hamilton in his Silver Arrow so impressive for Schumi II?

“From a driver’s point of view, Lewis has the best package right now.”
“He always gets the maximum out of the opportunities that come his way. Everything fits together. He has the experience, he has phenomenal natural talent. He knows when to attack and when to sit back.”
“In addition: He feels extremely comfortable in his team. He knows: He is the unrestricted number one. That creates trust and is very good for a pilot. That’s probably why he makes so few mistakes.”

That was most likely the reason for Sebastian Vettel’s crisis, which the German had to master this year. Ralf Schumacher knows: “You make mistakes when pressure arises. An example of this is Sebastian in Montreal. He sensed that Lewis was getting closer and lost his concentration for a moment. This led to his small mistake with great effect. Lewis and Mercedes can best handle the pressure.”

According to Ralf, team manager Toto Wolff was also responsible for that: “Toto Wolff has gathered the right people around him and Lewis.”
“He gives them space to work in peace. Mercedes works very, very analytically.”

And if the past is any guide, the seventh world title for Lewis Hamilton is just a matter of time…


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