Mick Schumacher: “My highest priority right now is Formula 2”

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Mick Schumacher talked about his famous father before his third Formula 2 weekend. He is enormously proud of his dad’s achievements.

Barcelona, Thursday, May 9th, Mick Schumacher arrived in front of a large crowd of waiting journalists. It would be his second media round table with him as the center of attention.

It’s impressive to see how the son of record championship-holder Michael Schumacher copes in his new role. It is certainly not easy to be a son of a legend, that for many experts more often constitutes a burden than an advantage.

But Schumacher junior has no problems to be interviewed about his famous father. Not here in Barcelona, ​​where Michael Schumacher won his first Ferrari victory in 1996 and where he would underline his reputation as the “rain god” of Formula 1.

“What he did was extraordinary, which I can now fully comprehend more and more with each passing day,” Mick replied.

Mick Schumacher Barcelona
Mick Schumacher in front journalists in Barcelona. Credit: @bgarloff

He could learn from many current Formula 1 drivers, but his idol remains his father. His whole body language expressed open admiration; more than just pure words. There weren’t any signs of blocking or evading questions about his father. On the contrary, here is someone who is really proud of his father’s achievements.

The seven World championship titles his dad collected over his career are not a burden for him, they inspire him. However, he can hardly draw any lessons from his father’s accomplishments. At least as far as certain lines in a racing car are concerned.

“Of course I watch videos from the past, but they do not really help. Today’s cars and tires are too different,” explained Mick Schumacher.

Commenting on how his father always pushed the limits during races he replied: “There are limits, but they are constantly changing and evolving, you can be aggressive, but also fair.”

Ready for His Third Formula 2 Weekend

Before his third Formula 2 weekend of his young career, the Ferrari Junior pilot seemed focused and relaxed at the same time. In Bahrain six weeks ago, when Mick Schumacher had to test for Formula 1 for the first time, he seemed tense and a bit nervous in front of the same crowd of sensation seeking journalists from around the world.

This time he replied with an almost ironic grin on his face: “Of course I’m still wondering how many people are here just for me. My highest priority right now is Formula 2.”

In other words, he wants to make progress step by step, as he has been doing throughout his career so far – progress in incremental steps forward. The Formula 1 tests in Bahrain with Ferrari and Alfa were just benefits, nothing more.

“My expectations are always the same: I want to learn as much as possible and improve myself.”

​​In Barcelona, ​​the expectations are consistently greater than in the first four races (two race weekends). He already collected points twice which in itself would already be recognized as an achievement for someone without a famous family name.

“Now there are the races in Europe like Barcelona, ​​which I already know, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Especially one a course comes to mind: “I love the Spa the most.” Mick replied with shining eyes.

Again, he doesn’t shy away from comparisons as his father Michael once called this extremely challenging race track his “living room”.

*This article was first published in German at autobild.de/motorsport.


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