Ross Brawn has only praise for Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher Formel 2

In an exclusive press meeting, Formula One Managing Director Ross Brawn talks about Michael Schumacher’s son Mick and he has only praise for him.

Formula 1 Managing Director Ross Brawn: Together with Michael Schumacher he has won seven world titles, five of them with Ferrari.

As part of a special promotion for the new Formula 1 Netflix series, he had some time to speak about Michael’s son Mick Schumacher:

“In Mick I recognize Michael”

Competing in Formula 2 this year, Schumi junior will be part of F1’s race weekend program in 2019, and he is already a member of Ferrari’s Junior Academy.

Brawn: “I’ve known Mick since he was a little boy. There was a phase when he was not sure what he wanted to do but now he has a knife between his teeth, he is a very driven young man and it’s fascinating how he evolved from one moment to the other as he became extremely competitive last year.”

Ross Brawn and Mick Schumacher 2019
FIA Formula 2 Championship – Testing Jerez, Spain Credit: AUTO Bild

Mick Schumacher will Get a Lot of Experience in 2019

Most recently, Mick Schumacher tested in Jerez for his Formula 2 debut this year. At these tests in Spain, Schumi junior was always high up on the time sheets. He even was the fastest in week one of testing.

“People who spend much more time with him than me say: In the last twelve months he has progressed phenomenally. He’s a very nice young man. To remain like that will be one of his biggest challenges. But I believe he can do it. He has great surroundings; he knows such situations from Michael,” explains Brawn.

In any case, with each passing day, the son resembles his father more and more. Even the mighty Brawn admits:

“Whenever I see Mick, I recognize Michael in him, it would be a dream come true he could succeed. But the pressure on him is enormous. I hope that the public doesn’t lose perspective and project unrealistic expectations on him.”


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