Schumi jr: “Hopefully soon in F1”

Mick Schumacher Instagram
Mick Schumacher Instagram

Also Mick Schumacher is currently waiting for racing to start again. In an Instagram interview with his sponsor “Under Armor” he reveals how he is keeping fit for the start of the Formula 2 season. has the best statements.

Mick about …

… the corona virus and the corresponding race cancellations:
“Of course it was a shock at first, but it was the right decision. This has taken on dimensions that we all could not have foreseen. So it was definitely the right decision. We all have to try to keep ourselves busy at home now.”

… Simracing:
“It’s really realistic, you have to say. I will also try to incorporate that into the daily routine.”

… sport in the times of Corona:
“We play a lot of football at the moment. Or football tennis. I’m having a lot of fun at the moment, even if I’m not so good at it. I try to focus on building muscle. It is very difficult for me. I have to eat a lot to build muscle. But because we have this consistency, it works better than before.”

… returning into the racing car:
“Hopefully soon, but it’s a long and difficult process to get there. We have to wait and see how this season goes. Hopefully well, then maybe we could be in Formula One soon.”


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