Uncompromising Leclerc The New Schumacher?

Lecerlec Monza Race 2019

Charles Leclerc is the new shooting star of Formula 1. Some compare him already with Michael Schumacher.

Behind the boyish smile is a tough racing driver … Charles Leclerc (21) is the new star in Formula 1. After two consecutive victories in Spa and in Monza, the hearts of the Tifosi beat for the young Monegasque.

For them, Leclerc is the Messiah, who is about to start a new era for Ferrari and who can lead them back to the next world title. In other words, Leclerc is the new Michael Schumacher. A role, that actually was meant for Sebastian Vettel.

“Charles is extremely strong mentally, he has the makings of a great champion, and the same natural way to lead a team as Michael Schumacher once did,” commented FIA president and former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt.

“He represents the future of Formula 1 and Ferrari.”

Jean Todt Australia 2019
FIA President: Jean Todt – @wooschneider

Todt compares Leclerc officially with Schumi. Rightly so, because the Monza winner has the same attitude as the record world champion on and next to the track.

Once the visor is down, he acts hard, uncompromising and sometimes on the verge of legality. Former Ferrari star Gerhard Berger to How To AutoBild Motorsport and F1 Insider:

“Leclerc is anything but the nice boy from next door, but a racing driver with a killer instinct. It’s exactly because he doesn’t wave his hand to let opponents past.”

Ex-World Champion Jacques Villeneuve adds:

“How he drove against Lewis in Monza wasn’t quite fair. He sent him off the tracks and changed the line several times. Another driver would have been punished, but Charles knew very well that he could explore the limits at Ferrari’s home race. He’s a rogue kid.”

“For Sebastian Vettel, if he wants to be the one to continue Michael Schumacher’s legacy with Ferrari, he’ll better act more like his big role model, Gerhard Berger in an interview with the Cologne Express:

“He is too ‘naive’. Good faith has little place in a top-level sport where the best fight for the world championship title.”

*This article was first published in German at autobild.de/motorsport.


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