After his second-place in Germany Sebastian Vettel is back on a path to success, and he continues to fight for the title in red.

For eleven years, Ferrari hasn’t been an F1 champion. The pressure on the team is higher than ever and the Italian press just merciless. Especially Sebastian Vettel and his team are being criticized continuously.

In the qualifying last weekend at the Hockenheimring, the negative spiral culminated in a premature technical failure for both Ferraris. Fortunately, in the race itself, Vettel rescued the Scuderia with a second place and the provisional end of his one-year losing streak, because this time, a second-place felt like a victory.

For the time being Vettel doesn’t think of leaving the team despite all the difficulties and being 84 points behind leaders Lewis Hamilton.

“I don’t feel that as pressure…,” he told ABMS in a recent interview.

“For me it is a privilege to drive for Ferrari. I put the most pressure on myself and I am not satisfied with mistakes.”

Vettel will Kick wieder spüren
Credit: Ferrari

“It’s true, we’re not there yet, where we want to be. We need to regain faith in ourselves, then our time will come. My goal, my mission is the title with Ferrari.

“I want to feel that tingling again when you fight for the championship, and I want to experience that with Ferrari.”

For that Ferrari continues to fight, at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

Binotto Focus on Reliability

“It will be important to see if the car has further improved that can also confirm our car has improved on different types of tracks,” Team Principal Mattia Binotto confirmed.

“We will be able to rely on the various elements introduced last race, but also bring some aerodynamic updates,” he continued.

But more importantly, the Scuderia has to finally be overcome their constant technical mishaps.

Binotto: “Of course we also focus on the recent reliability issues to make sure they do not repeat themselves.”

Vettel, in the meantime, is fighting against the stats in Budapest. Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel will have his last chance to save himself from an unpleasant “one-year-old” victory anniversary. It’s already 343 days ago after his last Grand Prix success when he won his last Grand Prix in Belgium.

However, winning this weekend’s GP won’t be a walk in the park as the Hungary GP is considered to be very demanding:

“The Hungaroring is physically exhausting because it has few straights and many start-stop passages which means you have to work on the steering wheel all the time,” Vettel explained.

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