Will Vettel Get his Victory Back?

Vettel Azerbaijan 2019

Nor further punishments for Sebastian Vettel after his anger eruption in Canada.

Good news for Sebastian Vettel (31): The Ferrari driver won’t receive any further punishments by the FIA for his misbehavior at the Canadian Grand Prix no further penalty following his 5-second penalty.

The German had trouble to control his anger following a five-second penalty that robbed him of a certain victory in Canada – he violated several rules of FIA’s protocol out of protest.

First, he didn’t park his Ferrari after the race at the prescribed location within parc fermé. Then he wouldn’t take in the first round of interviews just before the award ceremony.

Finally, he exchanged the plates in front of Lewis Hamilton’s car, who was declared the winner of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The German Dr. Gerd Ennser, who was one of the four FIA stewards in Canada, told the Austrian newspaper “Kleine Zeitung”:

“We were told about these incidents, and we thought that there were no further penalties for emotional reactions and the great pressure under which Vettel stood.”

As far as the return of his victory is concerned, Ferrari is currently examining whether it is in favor of Article 14.1.1 of FIA’s International Sporting Code.

This allows for further action in the event of any “significant and relevant new element” coming to light that was not available to those seeking the review at the time of competition.

Ferrari would then have time until the Grand Prix in France on June 23rd to decide. This re-examination can be applied for up to 14 days after the final classification has been published. A regular protest would have to be filed today (Thursday, June 13th).

A Ferrari spokesman: “We still collect all the evidence.”

*This article was first published in German at autobild.de/motorsport.


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