F1 Money 2018

Almost a billion dollars in last year’s profits will be distributed to the teams. AUTO BILD Motorsport reveals how the money is distributed among the teams.

Formula 1 in a crisis? No so fast! Sales and profits seem to speak a different language about the current state of the most famous racing series.

Liberty Media, the owners of F1, generated about $1.8 billion in sales in 2018, and roughly a billion dollars in profits will no be distributed to the teams, according to racefans.net.

However, not the constructors’ champion receives the most money. Here is an overview by team allocations.

Ferrari: The Scuderia collects $205 million for 2018. That’s six percent more than last year. This is the highest amount among all teams even though they came in second last year. This is due to the bonus payments for its successful history in Formula 1.
Bonus Payment: $ 114 million

Mercedes: The champion from 2018 only received the second highest amount. Still, a mighty sum of $177 million. That’s four percent more than last year.
Bonus Payment: $76 million.

Red Bull: $152 million for the Energy Drink Team for reaching the third place in last year’s championship. Like Mercedes, this is four percent more than in 2018.
Bonus Payment: $71 million.

McLaren: Despite poor performance, the team cashed in $100 million. Thanks a long tradition in F1 the team received a nice bonus payment.
Bonus Payment: $33 million.

Renault: The first team without bonuses. For its fourth place, Renault $73 million, 18 percent more than last year.

Haas: The US-American (Ferrari B team) will get $70 million for rank five last season, up 32 percent over 2018.

Williams: The British team with a long tradition in F1 is the big loser this time. For being last in 2018 they received only $60 million, ten million of which was a bonus payment. This is 21 percent less from the previous year.

Racing Point: Because Force India lost all championship points for selling itself to Lawrence Stroll, the team has to be satisfied with rank seven. $59 million; minus 15 percent.

Alfa Romeo: For rank eight, the former Sauber team receives $56 million, 22 percent more than last year.

Toro Rosso: The bottom of the money list. $52 million for ninth place – a minus of 7 percent. However, they shouldn’t be so worried about money, having rich energy drink money bubbling for their financial support if needed.

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