Does Parc Fermée Prohibit Mercedes’ DAS System?

Mercedes Formel 1 Test Barcelona
Mercedes Formel 1 Test Barcelona. Credit: Mercedes
At the Formula 1 tests in Barcelona, ​​Ferrari is now also commenting on the Mercedes-DAS. There is one rule that could ban it.

It is THE topic of conversation at the Formula 1 tests in Barcelona: The innovative steering system from Mercedes called DAS. The competition is still puzzled how it works exactly. “We don’t know exactly,” Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto admitted in a press conference.

In his opinion, is the system legal? 
“We trust the FIA.” After all, Ferrari has thought about similar innovation. Binotto: “But we decided against it because we had doubts about the rules and also about the performance of our car.”

The legality of the system is still being discussed in the paddock. Meanwhile, the Parc Fermée regulations have become the focus of discussions. The sporting regulations stipulate that the car is in parc ferme conditions from the time it leaves the pit lane for qualifying until the start of the race.

Article 34.6 specifically states that the tuning of the suspension (which ultimately includes lane and camber) must not be changed. “So that the inspectors can be completely convinced that no changes have been made to the suspension systems. It must be clear during the physical inspection that changes cannot be made without the use of tools.”

One reason was the protest in the paddock at the first race in Melbourne against the Mercedes W11. A team boss to explained the possible gray areas: “The DAS is already pretty dark gray.”

Meanwhile, Williams pilot and young driver George Russell revealed: “THIS is just the tip of the iceberg. Mercedes has a lot of innovations in the car, I know that because I saw how they work as a junior. They all make us look stupid this year and they will be unbeatable.”

Translated by David Schneider


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