Ex-team boss: “Ferrari to remain 10 more years without title”

Mattia Binotto, Credit: Ferrari
Mattia Binotto, Credit: Ferrari credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Former Formula 1 team boss Colin Kolles harshly criticised Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto in AvD Motorsport magazine on SPORT1 last night. He does not see a suitable team boss in the engineer.

That’s how you know Colin Kolles. The former team boss of Midland, Spyker, Force India, HRT and Caterham rarely minces his words. Not even in the new AvD Motorsport Magazine, whose team also includes F1-Insider.com.

Kolles is tough: “Ferrari will not win a world championship in the next ten years!”

He said that this is true regardless of Binotto, but that the team boss is an example of the problems the Scuderia has. “Binotto is a very good engineer, but an engineer is not a team boss,” said Kolles. “From my point of view, an engineer can’t be a team leader either.”

The former team boss and now owner of a WEC team refers to his own experience with the Italian: “I know Binotto personally. He’s a man of numbers, not feelings. There is no nest warmth. These technicians don’t understand the psychological side.”

In particular, the way in which Ferrari was separated from Sebastian Vettel shows that Binotto has shortcomings in this area. “The problem is how he was dumped. It does matter. There were various statements. It was launched in the press that Vettel was playing poker for a salary and he wanted a lot of money. But that didn’t happen. He just got a phone call saying, “Covid19.” He described the whole operation as “already very thin”.

Worse than that, the break-up would now negatively impact the whole season. Kolles: “They broke up with Vettel way too early. …and completely wiped out the season.”

However, the company has not acted optimally in the past either. “The problems started a few years ago,” believes the trained dentist from Munich. “When Sebastian could have won the World Cup, he didn’t have the full support of the team. That’s when the first scratches appeared in the relationship. If a team wants to become world champions, it has to rely on a number one driver. And that should have been Vettel.”

Bianca Garloff and Ralf Bach

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