Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari

#Ferrarigate continues. The FIA ​​has now responded to the teams’ declaration of war. However, this letter, which was recently published doesn’t shed any more light on the 2019 Ferrari engine unit. On the contrary: It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the FIA had reasonable grounds for suspicion – but was unable to bring forward clear evidence against Ferrari.

The statement is a second class acquittal. And, worse, it’s a capitulation towards Ferrari. The FIA admits that it cannot adequately control the state-of-the-art and highly complicated hybrid units. Here is the official statement:

One thing is certain: This explanation will not reassure the new alliance nor any of the teams. On the contrary. It shows once again that the FIA ​​capitulates to the highly complicated hybrid engines. This leaves the door wide open for future fraud and more cheating.

The question remains: why did Ferrari even agree to a deal if no one could prove something conclusive? Peculiar, indeed!


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