For 2021: Red Bull says “no” to Vettel

Vettel Helm
Vettel Helm. Credit: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari contract expires at the end of the year. But a return to Red Bull seems impossible

Due to its level of difficulty, the Streif in Kitzbühel is not only considered to be a “green hell” – the most famous downhill run in the world also has the flair of the Monaco GP, where super VIPs shake hands in the grandstand in the finish area. It was the same this year.

F1 impresario Bernie Ecclestone talked to the downhillers who were still out of breath right after the swing. Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger applauded just a few meters away every ski driver that had survived the hell ride without a fall.

Sebastian Vettel (32) also took the opportunity to drop by the last Mohicans, who are the only survivors who risk their lives today without any run-off areas and carbon armor.

Ferrari driver Vettel was looked after by ex-employer Red Bull. Background: The Austrian company is one of the main sponsors of the classic ski and is also omnipresent in Kitzbühel.

But: ​​Vettel’s visit to the mountains wasn’t just about the spectacle. Red Bull chief motorsport consultant Helmut Marko to “Sebastian definitely wanted to get a feeling whether there could be a return to us in 2021. But apart from the fact that none of us was there in Kitzbühel who can make decisions: It is not possible. Sebastian, as a four-time world champion, has certain financial claims. But since we made a long-term contract with Max Verstappen that wasn’t exactly cheap, we don’t want to afford a second heavyweight. That is unfortunately the case. Seb would have to come with very little money. But you can’t ask him to do that.”

Background: Vettel’s contract with Ferrari (estimated annual income 30 million euros) expires at the end of this year. Since the Scuderia decided early on with a recently signed five-year contract with teammate Charles Leclerc to be the future of the red cult brand, the German has to think about his future.

He does not want to act as bodyguard for Leclerc from 2021. So the Heppenheimer, who won his four World Championship titles from 2010 to 2013 with Red Bull, is probing the market. If Ferrari is not an alternative and so is Red Bull: Where could he drive?

Marko: “Sebastian is a bit in the transfer trap. Ferrari committed itself to Leclerc, we to Max Verstappen. He can only do really well this season – which I trust him to do, if he has a car that suits his driving style. If he clearly beats Leclerc, Ferrari has to think about him. And then he would also be interesting for Mercedes. His German passport really shouldn’t be in the way. ”


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