Red Bull’s corona-camp: No deliberate infection planned

Red Bull Corona Camp
Red Bull Corona Camp

Red Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko justifies himself for the quotes about the Corona Camp, which have been exaggerated by many media.

Helmut Marko (76) was made an honorary citizen of his hometown Graz last year because of his merits in motorsport. That makes him proud. Because his decades of work helped to give the Styrian capital a face abroad.

Alone: ​​At the moment, this does not protect the Red Bull Motorsport chief adviser from being considered a prey to the Formula 1 nation.

The reason: In an interview with the ORF he made the more funny than serious suggestion that the Red Bull pilots could become infected with the Corona virus in a planned trainings camp in order to be resistant when races were started again.

In the ORF it sounded like this: “We have four Formula 1 drivers and eight or ten juniors. The idea was that we would organize a camp where we could bridge this dead time mentally and physically.” And if Corona had struck then? Marko: “Then of course it would be ideal for the infection to come.” The reason is simple: Then the drivers are resistent for the rest of the season.

But since having said those words, the doctor of law has been criticized for his corona camp across Europe. Even the honored BBC reports that Marko “deliberately” wanted to infect his drivers.

Marko to “Of course that’s not true. It was not about deliberately infecting someone. That came across incorrectly in the interview because it was cut together. In Austria we are overwhelmed by Corona in the media. It doesn’t matter whether it’s television, radio or newspapers: it’s all about the virus, and even the innate scorn, for which Austria is generally valued beyond the borders, is nipped in the bud in times like these. In any case, one thing is certain: I don’t send my children deliberately into war.”

Marko explains why he had the idea for a training camp in Corona times: “Of course you have to be careful and try to get the pandemic under control as soon as possible. But one has to judge things carefully. I’m sure I caught the virus caught in February. I had a ten day cold with all the symptoms associated with the virus. When I flew to Melbourne for the scheduled Grand Prix, I’ve already felt better. On my return flight, I had to stop in Dubai: Thousands of people from all over the world scurried around in a confined space. But I wasn’t infected. Probably because I was already resistant. “

That should take some panic away from older people too. Marko: “If people of my age can survive the disease, it can certainly be said that young, well-trained athletes like our racing drivers should at least be less afraid of the consequences. That’s why we considered to organize the trainings camp. Above all, it should distract the boys and keep them fit. But there was never any talk of deliberate infection. “


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