Vettel drives first Simrace

Vettel Simracing
Vettel Simracing

Who would have thought that could be possible before Corona?

He had announced it in his last video conference, now Sebastian Vettel (32) has actually arrived in the world of simracing.

Tonight the Ferrari star spontaneously took part in the Legends Trophy of “The Race”, drove a Brabham BT44B from 1974, at that time with a Coworth V8 engine in the rear.

The German was clearly recognizable from the design: red and white chassis, white helmet with German flag as a vertical stripe. Typical Vettel: A camera was not running at his home in Switzerland.

However: Every beginning is difficult, also for a world champion. In qualifying he finished 15th, in race one after a mass crash at the start and a remarkable overtaking maneuver against Emerson Fittipaldi, he again finished 15th. Juan Pablo Montoya crossed the finish line in front of Jenson Button as winner.

Vettel actually had better cards in race two. The starting grid was reversed, the German started from seventh place and initially stayed in the top group. A mistake then took him to the end of the field. He ended up twelfth. This time Adrian Fernandez won, who admitted: “These cars are not easy to drive.”

After all: Vettel’s lap times were competitive. The F1 star even kept up with Montoya, who is considered one of the best Simracers. In the end, the German is said to have enjoyed it.


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