Marko expects fight between Red Bull and Mercedes

Red Bull vor Mercedes
Red Bull vor Mercedes. Copyright: Red Bull

Red Bull chief consultant Helmut Marko (76) is an exception in Formula 1. Although the lawyer is ruthlessly tough when it comes to the matter, the well-known art collector is an intellectual soul with a polished finish, away from horsepower and downforce values.

And that came through again today. Because I hadn’t called for two weeks, he rang the bell and asked if everything was OK. Just because. Without ulterior motives. Who else from the leaders in the billion dollar PS circus does that?

In the end, we clearly talked about Formula 1. Also, how much Mercedes engine manager Andy Cowell praised Red Bulls Power unit supplier Honda. Honda is already ahead of Ferrari when it comes to the pace of development, said the Brixworth-based Briton.

Cowell: “Red Bull is able to build cars that can win a world championship. Max Verstappen is incredibly good. And Honda’s commitment is as huge as their progress. ”

Marko likes the praise. “Honda not only fulfilled the promises, they far exceeded them. They are almost on par with Mercedes, only a little is missing in qualifying. But I am convinced that Honda can also take this small, last step this year. Then it is up to us to build a car from the start that can compete for the title. So far it looks good because we will be ready earlier than ever. Our opponent will be Mercedes, especially Lewis Hamilton. I have to admit that he drives almost perfectly and is currently the best Formula 1 driver in the overall package. But then our Max Verstappen will come. ”

And Ferrari? Marko doesn’t want to say much about them. Just so much: “We were ahead of them in the last third of the season.” Marko smugly: “Especially in the engine sector, they don’t seem to have had the advantage as before.”

Marko once again addresses the speculation that Ferrari has not always operated the power unit legally – and has been slowed down by the FIA ​​since the Mexico GP.


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