Race Analysis

Mercedes celebrates the third double win in the third race of the season. This happened in Formula 1 the last time in 1992 with a superior Williams team. See all Grand Prix data here.

Valtteri Bottas was at odds with his pole position on Saturday: “For me, it was disappointing today. The problem started in the warm-up lap. Before me was a thick white line. Already at the pre-start I had wheelspin,” explains Bottas. The hopes that it would get better with warmer tires at the start didn’t fulfill. “I had wheelspin again, so I lost too much time and crucial meters. That’s where Lewis got me. “

Paradoxically, his pole from Saturday would be a disadvantage. A chance to counter Lewis during the race wasn’t given either: “In the first stint our pace was the same, but with the dirty air behind Lewis I could not follow him,” says Bottas.

Hamilton, who leads the rankings with six points ahead of his team-mate admits: “The start today made the difference. After that, the race was practically done. When I was in front, I was in control. “

Laudatio from former teammate Nico Rosberg: “In training, he was a bit demotivated. But when it comes down to the important moments, Lewis comes back and blows your mind,” says the German.

Drivers’ Standings

1Lewis Hamilton68
2Valtteri Bottas62
3Max Verstappen39
4Sebastian Vettel37
5Charles Leclerc36
6Pierre Gasly13
7Kimi Raikkonen12
8Lando Norris8
9Kevin Magnussen8
10Nico Hulkenberg6
11Daniel Ricciardo6
12Sergio Perez5
13Alexander Albon3
14Lance Stroll2
15Daniil Kvyat1
16Antonio Giovinazzi0
17Romain Grosjean0
18Carlos Sainz Jr.0
19George Russell0
20Robert Kubica0

Constructors’ Standings

3Red Bull/Honda52
5Alfa Romeo/Ferrari12
8Racing Point/Mercedes7
9Toro Rosso/Honda4

Saturday Qualifying Analysis

Formula One 2019 remains a Mystery even after the Qualifying in Shanghai even for all experts and team managers. Red Bull’s Chief Adviser Dr. Helmut Marko cannot explain the new Strength of Mercedes in China after Bahrain’s weak weekend. Marko to ABMS and F1 Insider: “In the third Sector, they were half a second faster.

This must have something to do with extreme acceleration force. Mercedes must have found something to improve their engines. He, therefore, contradicts Mercedes-Teamchef Toto Wolff, who saw an extreme advantage with Ferrari.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a fact that the atmosphere within the F1 paddocks is extremely tense at the moment. Marko notes: “There is a lot of tension in the paddock. Everyone is extremely irritated and nervous. Probably because no one can definitively judge the true balance of power right now.”

Credit : ABMS

At Least in this respect, Wolff agrees with Marko. Despite the Mercedes Phalanx at the front, he doesn’t trust the whole situation, yet. “It’s not going to be a walk in the park for us. I think five Drivers can win on Sunday.”

He also refers to all top 5 drivers using medium tires. Everyone else in this Group starts with the soft tires, which break down much faster.

Possible Explanation

There could be an explanation for the nearly four-tenths of a second gap to Mercedes: Ferrari chose a set-up that gives them a speed advantage on the approximately one kilometer long straight during the race.

Mercedes chose more downforce to be faster in the corners. The figures show that in qualifying, Vettel was up to ten km/h faster than the Silver Arrows which Mercedes made up for in the corners, especially in the second sector.

As for handling the tires, Friday’s Long runs didn’t give a conclusive answer. Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari were all at par. In any case, it promises to be an exciting 1000th race this Sunday.

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