Ferrari follows up with their announcement on the evening of the Canadian Grand Prix: The Scuderia has officially handed in their request for revision against the penalty Vettel received at the Canadian Grand Prix of Montreal.

According to article 14.1.1 of the International Sporting Code, this is allowed as there is new evidence available. Almost a week and a half have passed, while Ferrari has been working hard to make a case and be ready for the FIA.

Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies collected all the data and facts. The Frenchman is predestined for this task, after all, he had worked for FIA before he joined the Reds.

Ferrari didn’t disclose anything to us. The case is just too sensitive according to Ferrari on request to comment.

Nevertheless, their case based on a chain of explanations is logical: Vettel slowed down on the grass, so he didn’t return with full speed to his racing line. Hence, it couldn’t have been an “unsafe” return on the tracks.

There, Vettel neither pushed nor hindered Hamilton decisively. On the contrary, he left the Mercedes driver, at closer inspection, actually a car width space between him and the wall. On top of that, Vettel was even letting more space to the wall than the previous lap. So he did’t surprise Hamilton with a dangerous line.

In addition to that, watching the video footage, his look at the right-hand side mirror could be interpreted as a sign that Vettel wanted to prevent a crash – and thus didn’t act uncontrollably.

Ferrari’s Full Support

Ferrari did what they had to do, and also to be loyal to Sebastian Vettel and to support him uncompromisingly. Mattia Binotto fights for Sebastian Vettel as Jean Todt used to do for Michael Schumacher that proofs cohesion exists in Maranello.

The outcome of Vettel’s case now lies in the hands of the stewards in France this weekend. They have to evaluate the new evidence according to article 14.1.1. , and they can autonomously decide how to approach it. Ferrari will be hoping that the race stewards keep the big picture in mind.

But one thing is clear: It has been a long time since there has been such unity and support among F1 fans for Vettel’s case. Even the drivers and many former world champions support Vettel and Ferrari in their argumentation.

It even has gotten its own hashtag that summarizes the motto and the existing spirit among F1 fans: #LetThemRace.

Let them race!

The outcome in Vettel’s case will be a precedent case for the whole of Formula 1. Do they want a complicated web and ever-narrowing corset of rules, or do they allow drivers, as mature pilots, to compete with each other on the race tracks?

Safety first, but Formula 1 is a show in which the audience wants to see the drivers fight each other. Victories decided behind closed doors or questionable punishments damage Formula 1 and the whole world of motorsport racing.

Therefore, this coming weekend, the stewards have a much more significant task at hand than only to decide the outcome of one incident that happened in Canada. They have to set an example and a new beacon for the future of Formula 1.

Jean Todt AusGP 2019
FIA President: Jean Todt

*This article was first published in German at
Bianca Garloff: @bgarloff


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