The Stewards rejected Ferrari’s request for review for Vettel’s penalty at the Canadian Grand Prix. This outcome has only losers.

Loser #1: Formula 1
Because the stewards didn’t allow a revision and thus confirm their verdict from Canada, it has become obvious that real racing is no longer desirable in the premier class of motorsport. Every little mistake has to be punished instead of letting drivers fight it out on the tracks.

Formula 1, thus, creates a paradox, because it’s actually the fights on the tracks that fans want to see. On the other hand, the FIA wasn’t able to re-examine Ferrari’s case. Otherwise, any past punishment could have been re-negotiated with some dire consequences.


Loser #2: Ferrari

Not the best day for Ferrari. There was talk of “overwhelming new evidence” before questioning. Was just hot air? Overall, Ferrari’s request for revision now doesn’t look that professional.

At first, it wasn’t clear whether it was a protest or request for revision? Ferrari’s whole approach looked confusing and vague without any official statements.

Loser #3: Sebastian Vettel.

The German remains without a single victory this season. A victory would have meant seven more points for Vettel’s championship quest. Therefore, the championship fight against Lewis Hamilton has become even more desperate. The deficit to Hamilton is already 62 points.

Loser #4: Mercedes.
Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Canada come with a stale aftertaste. Mercedes got dragged into the whole case and can only hope that things return to normal very quickly and hope for better judgments by the FIA stewards for future cases.

By Bianca Garloff.

*This article was first published in German at


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