2019 Chinese Grand Prix, Sunday - Wolfgang Wilhelm
2019 Chinese Grand Prix, Sunday - Wolfgang Wilhelm

He has already won two victories this year. Lewis Hamilton is on his way to his sixth world championship title.

In an interview with the German sports magazines SPORT BILD and AUTO BILD he explains, that didn’t consider himself as a perfect driver: “I’m not perfect. In fact, it is the imperfection that makes one strong and makes us different. Everybody makes mistakes. I have already completed thousands of successful starts, and yet I messed the one up in Bahrain. But I strongly believe never to give up. Even if – as in Bahrain – the Ferraris were stronger, I continue to believe. ,Keep fighting! Keep fighting! It could all change.’ I am hammering into myself by repeating it over and over again. And sometimes I’m successful with it.”

Hamilton is also a fan close combat fighting on the tracks, especially with the Ferraris: “All I can say is that I love these wheel to wheel encounters. It doesn’t happen that often that I can get that close with a Ferrari in real combat. I love that!”

Hamilton Victory Chinese GP 2019
Credit: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton won two of the first three races and even though Ferrari hasn’t won any races yet, the season is far from over for Hamilton: “The battle remains intense,” he believes.

“Ferrari is at eye level. Maybe some of the upcoming tracks are more suitable to them, who knows. Ferrari has a good car, they just couldn’t get everything out of it yet. But we all have ups and downs. Therefore, we must ensure that we continue to make progress.”

Besides Formula 1, Hamilton follows what’s happening at Formula E: “I enjoy Formula E. The cars are getting cooler every year. I watch the races and find it fascinating to see the future of racing.”

Will he be part of this future, too? Hamilton: “So far Formula 1 has always been everything to me. I’ve been racing since I was eight years old. If I quit Formula 1 one day, I’ll probably have to do deal with massive withdrawal symptoms like any pilot who leaves Formula 1. That’s why there are other racing series that I could compete in.

Fernando Alonso is driving IndyCar. Gary Paffett is a bit older than me and is now competing in Formula E. That is the future. So who knows? At the moment, I will try to stay in Formula 1. As long as I’m focused and fit, I want to race there as best as I can.”

*This article was first published in German at autobild.de/motorsport.

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