Red Bull: #Ferrarigate just takes a Corona-break

Ferrari am Haken
Ferrari am Haken. Credit: Jerry André

It was THE topic before the start of the Formula 1 season in Melbourne. The agreement between the FIA ​​and Ferrari. In the center: the Ferrari drivetrain from 2019 and many question marks behind its legality. The FIA ​​was also unable to prove this beyond doubt – and therefore concluded a private deal with Scuderia, the details of which were agreed not to disclose.

The competitors don’t want to accept that. Led by Mercedes, the seven non-Ferrari-powered teams called for clarification and transparency. The suspicion: A possible fraud could have been swept under the carpet here.

Mercedes has now left the phalanx of the Magnificent Seven. Nevertheless, Red Bull and Co. continue.

Red Bull motorsports director Helmut Marko confirms this to “Unfortunately, at the moment you have to deal with other things. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll stop working on FIA and Ferrari if things go back to normal. ”

Ferrarigate just takes a corona break!

Marko continues: “The corona crisis has overshadowed the agreement, which for us is still scandalous. We do not want to harm Ferrari or the FIA ​​in any way, but we continue to demand complete clarification of how the strange private agreement came about. Even without Mercedes, which strangely jumped off the train whose driver they were at the beginning. ”


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