Monday, May 27, 2019

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Vettel Leclerc

Vettel vs. Leclerc – Does Ferrari Mismanage the Rivalry?

The Italian press is merciless. After five Ferrari defeats in a row, the hunt is on for the Scuderia. "Ferrari crashes into a real crisis," wrote Gazetta dello Sport. Corriere dello Sport wasn't any...
2019 Spanish Grand Prix, Sun

The Spanish Campaign: Double Victory for Mercedes

No doubt, Mercedes is unbeatable right now. Fifth double victory in a row at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas cementing the team's superiority over all other teams.
Sebastian Vettel Spanish GP Race 2

Many question marks at Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel finished fourth at the Spanish GP. The big surprise was Ferrari's race strategy highlighting their drivers' rivalry. Ferrari's Spanish Grand Prix Campaign The question was meant seriously. Whether Ferrari...
2019 Spanish Grand Prix, Sunday

Spanish Grand Prix 2019 – Another Double Victory for Mercedes

The fifth race of the 2019 season: The Spanish Grand Prix 2019 in Barcelona. All results, data and figures from the Spanish GP are listed here. The Race - Hamilton's Victory
Sebastian Vettel Toto Wolff

Vettel to Mercedes, Hamilton to Ferrari?

Will there be a sensational exchange in Formula 1? According to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, Vettel and Hamilton could change teams one day. Like it was meant to be: While Lewis Hamilton signed a...

A Ball of Fire and the Lost Ear

Tires squeal, a race car out of control, flames, inferno, a drama and finally a miracle! Niki Lauda...

Races & Cities

Reminiscing Monaco 2018 – Monaco 2019 Here We Come!

It's almost time for the most iconic race on the F1 calendar - the Monaco Grand Prix 2019. It's time to reminisce...